This Leach style treadle wheel was built by
my son Scott and I for my wife Sybil's
 Birthday in 2008.
The plans were modified from those
supplied by Simon Leach and plans from Billy Martin.
We also used photo and advice from Billy, Simon, and
Steve Earp (all potters).

The hardware, (crank, wheel head etc.) was from Billy
Martin. (Billy has a very good hardware kit he sells)
Billy may be contacted at

The Leach Plans can be purchased from Simon Leach
Contact Simon at his web site

The wood for frame was supplied by Bob Edmisten, a long time
friend. The walnut for the seat was from Bob Hilton, another
very good friend and potter.
We had advice and suggestions from all of the above, which
was greatly appreciated and needed.
I would like to thank all those that contributed to this

Jerry Hedspeth