Pottery by Sybil

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Biography                                                              Sybil Scronce Hedspeth


I grew up on a farm located on Lincoln County - Catawba County line near the Blackburn community. This was
an area known for Catawba Valley potters who made pottery for use in the home and on the farm.  Growing up
on the farm I often had my hands in the clay and mud but not making pottery, instead it was planting and digging    the sweet potatoes my father grew. The only pottery I came into contact with was the kind used on the farm such as the milk crocks, churns, or storage jars used for making sour kraut.

Getting married in 1961 and raising 4 children left little time for a hobby. It was not until our children were grown that I had time to try pottery making. In 1996 I enrolled in a pottery class taught by John Saunders at Caldwell Community College .  Since that first class I have been a continuing student. I enjoy seeing and helping others get started in pottery. I have attended workshops by Ron Philbeck, Tom Coleman, Michael Sherrill, and Suzie Lindsay. Having my hands in the clay and seeing it turn into a useful or decorative item is very relaxing, but I get the most satisfaction seeing others enjoy my pottery.

I make mostly functional pottery for daily use, decorative items, and some face jugs. Most of my work is one of a kind, which I enjoy most.   Making lots of the same item turns the hobby into work.

I use both commercial and hand dug North Carolina clay. Digging and processing your clay is lots of hard dirty work, but I get a lot of satisfaction from making something out of the clay I have dug from local river and creek banks here in NC.
Many individuals in the pottery community have helped, supported and encouraged me.  I am blessed to have so many friends in the pottery community.  I am especially appreciative of the friendship my husband, Jerry, and I have with Bob Hilton. Bob has graciously invited me to participate in the festivals he sponsors at his home. These joint kiln openings at the Hilton home place where Bob lives are a joyous occasion for us and collectors. The show is a very festive affair with pottery being given away as favors and refreshments enjoyed by all.  Our shows have grown to be larger than we could have dreamed. We thank our many and loyal collectors who come to each show and support us.  I invite you to join me at our annual shows.

Pottery Show and Kiln opening 2nd weekend of Oct. at Hilton home place. 4026 Old State Rd. Blackburn Community, Newton , NC . We also have a Thanksgiving Sale, on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, same location as above.

Maybe having my hands in the clay and mud in some way takes me back to the farm and being a kid again.



                                                                                                God bless you